Chester Upland School District is in a historic period of change. We are uniquely poised to re-focus and transform into a student-focused district where each child is ensured the academic and personal skills to succeed in the college or career of their choice.


The senior leadership team is building a talented and committed team to ensure all students are prepared to graduate Chester Upland schools career and college ready!


Screening Procedures:

  1. Receipt of a completed application, resume and cover letter.
  2. A minimum of three current written letters of reference from previous or current directors, principal, and supervisors.
  3. Personal interview.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. High school diploma required
  2. Ability to lift up to 50lbs.
  3. Must possess valid driver’s license
  4. The following are required:

          PA Criminal clearances

          PA Child Abuse clearances

          FBI clearances
          Physical including TB Test


General Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Report to a Custodian Lead who is responsible for the direction of house keeping services in the facility.
    2. Clean and sanitize restrooms/bathrooms using established practices and procedure.
    3. Sweep, mop, or vacuum floors; empty/clean wastebaskets and trash containers; replace light bulbs; refill restroom dispensers.
    4. Assist with the setup of facilities for meetings, classrooms, conferences, events, etc.
    5. Strip, clean, buff and apply floor sealer and floor finish to hard surface floors, vacuum and shampoo carpets.
    6. Use and maintain assigned power equipment and hand tools; buffers, auto scrubbers, extractors, high pressure washers, high speed buffers and vacuums, brooms, mops, and squeegees for the cleaning and general maintenance of floors, walls, carpets, furniture, etc.
    7. Wash walls and equipment; use ladders when required in work assignments.
    8. Lock and unlock assigned buildings: secure building when facilities are not in use checking for unlocked doors and windows, report any unauthorized occupants, turn off lights.
    9. Follow instructions regarding the use of chemicals and supplies. Use as directed.
    10. Perform cleaning and related activities such as removing snow or debris from sidewalks and stairs in areas within sixteen feet of buildings using hand-operated tools or small power equipment.  

Salary: Contract Salary Guide 


Chester Upland School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer